from zürich to venice #PSCC2024!

5 riding stages

VIP stage with tadej pogačar

2. – 6. september 2024

The 2024 edition


For #PSCC23, we took riders from Zurich, Switzerland to Nice, France. They covered a distance of 774.4 km with 13,746 m of elevation gain over the course of 5 days. We were excited to partner once again with Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar on this beautiful, yet challenging ride.

In #PSCC24, we are going above and beyond, pushing our riders to their absolute limits.

#PlumeStrong and the cycling challenge history

#PlumeStrong began during the early days of the pandemic as an action-oriented initiative.

Today, the company serves their global community through the #PlumeStrong initiative—their social impact balance sheet— committed to making a material impact across five pillars:

In March of 2020, when there was uncertainty and fear around Covid-19, we created an internal challenge—“Go the Distance for Social Distance”—to help stay physically and mentally healthy. This was both our primary defense against the virus and our social responsibility contribution. Over a 2-week period, 62 Plumians moved almost 5.000 km on foot, rode over 5.000 km on bikes, and recorded over 880 active days (with 30+ min of activity).

After the success of our #PSCC21 ride, we came back with our #PSCC22 and #PSCC23 editions – every next edition being more challenging for our riders.





Tadej Pogačar

Once again, we partnered with two-time Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar. This incredible athlete, who at the age of 21 won the Tour de France in 2020, and again in 2021. Tadej also competed in the 2022 Tour de France, winning three stages of the race, coming through with an impressive second-place overall and winner of the White Jersey for the fastest ride under the age of 25. Tadej claimed his 10th overall stage win on Thursday, July 20 in the 2023 Tour de France.
Tadej cares deeply about supporting young people and making their dreams come true and like Tadej, Plume is young and committed to making a big impact across the globe. Tadej Pogačar continued his support of #PSCC23, while running his own foundation – the Tadej Pogačar Cancer Research Foundation.

Pedal together!

Want to join?

See you at #PSCC24

See you at #PSCC24

Our Charity Ride is open for any participant to join.
There are Corporate and Individual Partnership Tiers available.
Please contact us to get more details.

With Early Bird application you will get the possibility to participate in #PSCC24 virtual trainings which are carefully planned and led by professional cycling coaches.
The training starts in January 2024 and lasts until July 2024. The training will help you build the fitness and ability to participate at PSCC24.

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